Oral Surgery Options for Patients with Serious Dental Problems

General dentists handle a lot of oral health issues. They clean patients’ teeth and screen them for early signs of disease. Most people only need a general dentist. However, when a patient has a serious problem and needs surgery to correct it, dentists often refer them to an experienced oral surgeon for treatment. Oral surgeons treat a number of dental problems. They are the professionals who remove impacted teeth, install dental implants and perform reconstructive surgery follow accidental injuries to the mouth or face.

Choosing an Oral Surgeon

In many cases, a general dentist refers their patient to an oral surgeon. However, a referral is not required to schedule a consultation or get treatment. Patients who don’t have a general dentist or who don’t want to use the surgeon their dentist recommends may consider Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center. Oral surgeons in private practice may choose to focus on treating specific conditions. For example, some oral surgeons primarily do root canal therapy and others spend most of their time giving their patients implants. Patients may feel more comfortable with a doctor who has successfully performed the procedure they need many times. Large clinics may employ several surgeons and these offices may have the capacity to offer several different procedures.

Preparing for Treatment

It’s important to schedule a consultation with a surgeon prior to scheduling a procedure. At this consultation, a patient may learn whether the procedure is necessary, what alternatives are available and how they could prepare for the treatment. It’s important for patients to follow their surgeon’s instructions for pre and post surgery care. Patients who are interested in having anesthesia for their procedure should talk to the surgeon about their options at the consultation.

Surgery is the preferred treatment for many oral health conditions. Whether a person was injured in an accident or needs to have an impacted tooth removed, an experienced oral surgeon may be able to help. Patients could get referrals from their family dentist or choose their own surgeon. Medical insurance may cover some oral surgery treatments. After talking to a surgeon, patients should consult their insurance provider regarding their benefits.

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